Oscar Will Jr. grew up in the edge of suburbia in Simi Valley, California. Beyond the back fence was a concrete wash that drained from a natural wetland. He would spend many summer days there exploring the rolling green hills or wading in the muddy pools to catch tadpoles.

Through this tutlage he aquired an appreciation for nature, color, and light. One of his favorite painters is Vincent Van Gogh, whose countryside paintings seem to glow and move in the breeze like the grass on the hills. He went Amsterdam and was awesome to see Van Gogh’s paintings in real life. He finds inspiration from contemporary impressionist artists also, such as Angus Wilson and Erin Hansen.

Oscar realized that being inspired is only halfway to fulfillment. He found creativity as a way to express appreciation for colors that the world gives us. “I paint what I see because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Oscar describes his current style of painting, with bright colors and dark contours, as “Cloisonnism”, a way of painting that Gauguin and other Impressionists of the nineteeth century are attributed to using. Oscar uses bright colors straight from the tube in “containers” of color that are then defined by thick black lines.

Oscar is currently looking for gallery representation. 😉

Please contact him at Oscar(at)Willtopaint.com if you have any questions or commisions.